The advancement of space capsules or the cat backpack carriers enable us a total new outdoor experience with our cats.

A superb range of products which continued to improvise on the original design for the better. The whole range of carriers are well ventilated, and the materials are carefully selected combusting into a cosy design that is definitely safe for your cat.

The space capsule version of the cat backpack is estimated to be 42 x 29 x 27 cm, weighing about 1kg. It allows full grown cats weighing up to 6kg to sit spaciously, or curl down in compact comfort like a tight fitting box.

Now this backpack carrier also comes in 3 other different versions, the new transparent version, the upgraded space capsule version with an expandable space balcony, as well as an upsize version for bigger cats which estimates to be 47 x 35 x 29 cm.

Ready for space?

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